MSAPMPER200C Work in Accordance With an Issued Permit

Is the work you do governed by permits?

Do you understand the limitations of each permit that you work under? Do you know the conditions that a permit requires you to comply with?

Your outcomes

When you successfully complete this course you will be able to:

Identify the range and scope of work covered by the permit

Check that the right type of permit has been issued for the work you have to do

Adequately prepare to do the work including obtaining all the necessary safety equipment and PPE

Undertake the work in strict accordance with the provisions of the permit

Complete the work in accordance with the permit requirements

Query or raise matters about the permit if the scope or nature of the tools to be used vary from that covered in the permit

Hand back the permit in accordance with procedures and obtain appropriate sign off as required.


When you successfully complete this course you will have certification that is recognised in a wide range of industries that involve a wide range of maintenance work

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