UETTDRRF06 Perform Rescue From a Live LV Panel

Do you work on, or near, low voltage mains and apparatus?

What would you do if there was a workplace incident on that equipment?

Do you know how to respond and not become a victim yourself?

Our nationally accredited Low Voltage Rescue and CPR Course will train you in the safe way to respond and preserve life.

Perform Rescue From a Live LV Panel course overview

This training program covers the performance of low voltage rescue procedures as an emergency procedure required in the work place.

You will be taught the mandatory requirements of rescue from a live LV panel and how they can be applied in the workplace.

Low voltage rescue training is conducted by an experienced electrical trainer.

The course takes you through the responsibilities for rescue, health, safety and risk management processes at all operative levels and adherence to safety practices as part of the normal way of doing work.

Skills and knowledge will be refreshed and assessed in relation to performing low voltage rescue procedures in the workplace and will cover the following:

  • Applying work procedures and instructions as they apply to risk control and personal safety measures.
  • Inspection and placement of rescue equipment to facilitate a prompt response and rescue of a victim from a live LV panel.
  • Identification and labelling of the isolation point in accordance with workplace procedures
  • Isolating the electricity supply where possible by utilizing the appropriate apparatus
  • Removing the victim from contact with any live conductors/apparatus where necessary in accordance with workplace procedures.
  • Facilitating treatment by medical professionals when and where required
  • Performing CPR on a casualty

Practical exercises will be conducted in a simulated environment while participants’ knowledge and skills relating to Safe Approach Distances and how to maintain Safe Approach Distances appropriate to a tower rescue will also be assessed.

Students are encouraged throughout the Low Voltage training to develop, participate and apply skills in the safe management of performing low voltage rescue.

Participants will perform a simulated low voltage rescue.

Perform Rescue From a Live LV Panel qualifications

When you successfully complete this course you will receive a statement of attainment for:

UETTDRRF06 – Perform Rescue From a Live LV Panel

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