Electrical Awareness Training

Do you work, supervise or manage others who are required to work near live electrical parts?

The Electrical Awareness training course aligns with the training requirements of an Authorised Person under the Electrical Safety Code of Practice 2013 – Working Near Overhead and Underground Electric Lines and has been approved by Ergon Energy

Your outcomes

When you have successfully completed this course you will be able to recognise and ensure the requirements of a safe work environment in relation to work that has to be performed near live electrical parts.


Upon successful completion of the Electrical Awareness training course you will receive a Statement of Attendance.

Please note that the Statement of Attendance is not an authorisation for the you to work near exposed live parts.

You, if you are self-employed, or your employer must then in writing apply to Ergon Energy with the list of their employees for permission for these people to work as Authorised Persons as prescribed under the Electrical Safety Act 2013 and the Electrical Code of Practice 2013 – Working Near Overhead and Underground Electric Lines.

Recognition of Prior Learning and Current Competencies

Recognition of Prior Learning for the Electrical Awareness training course should be made prior to applying for the course.

Training at your location

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